Frequently-Asked Question on Double Glazing in Islington

When it comes to double glazing, we think that customers in the Islington area will be nothing less than delighted with our products. We can integrate double glazing into uPVC windows, aluminium windows and sash windows, offering our valued client base a flexible range of design options tailored to their personal tastes and their Islington properties.

On this page, we answer some of the more frequently-asked questions we receive about double glazing. If you’ve been considering uPVC windows or aluminium windows, or if you would like to find out if we can create sash windows for an older home in the Islington area, please feel free to call us if this page doesn’t answer your own questions.

What benefits can I expect from a double glazing installation?

Because we create double glazing units with the finest glass and materials, we provide our Islington customers with a finished product that boasts the highest ‘U’ and ‘R’ values. Energy-saving performance can save homeowners up to £170 each year in utility costs, thus making double glazing a solid financial investment for the future.

Just as importantly, double glazing promotes heat retention and also blocks out noise from the outside. If your Islington home is located on a busy street, you’ll be able to relax without the constant rumble of traffic disrupting your thoughts after a long day. Double glazing can even be supplied for conservatories, which we can professionally install ourselves.

Can you fit double glazing into uPVC windows and aluminium windows?

Yes. Homeowners in Islington retain full design flexibility because we are able to supply double-glazed aluminium windows just as easily as we can supply double-glazed uPVC windows. Aluminium windows offer a striking design edge and, because the materials used in their manufacture are recyclable, there are numerous environmental benefits to enjoy.

uPVC windows manufactured with double glazing are ideal for modern properties in Islington and provide a low-maintenance installation that withstands even the harshest weather conditions. Our uPVC windows are sleek, stylish and come in a surprisingly large range of profiles to suit the personal tastes of our clients.

Can I have double glazing fitted to sash windows too?

Of course! Sash windows tend to be more popular among customers in the Islington area who live in older Georgian or Victorian homes. Individual moving panels provide the flexibility needed for installations where space might be restricted. If you are looking to preserve the architectural qualities of an older property in Islington, we can customise the design of our sash windows so that they integrate perfectly with others.

All sash windows fitted with double glazing provide the same unique energy saving benefits one would typically expect to find with uPVC windows and aluminium windows. With such a versatile range of styling options available, it’s easy to see why North London Windows are the preferred installation experts for discerning homeowners throughout Islington.

We can integrate double glazing into uPVC, aluminium and sash windows based on the current profile of your Islington property.